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Thornridge strives to maintain a tremendous line-up of bucks.
Check out our latest sale offerings.
Female Lines
We are firm believers in the power of the female. Learn about some of our female lines.
Freezer Beef
We sell a limited quantity of freezer beef every year. Contact us for more information.


Welcome to Thornridge Farm, a family farm owned and managed by the Earles family - Dave and Cinda and their two sons Drew (wife Ashley) and Mike (wife Melissa). The main farm was purchased by Cinda's family in 1964 and is located in the heart of central Illinois just south of Mechanicsburg.

Our family takes great pride in our agricultural heritage and we strive to produce high quality livestock that exceeds the demands of our customers. Visitors are always welcome at Thornridge Farm, so the next time you are in the Land of Lincoln, give us a call and we will show you around.