Thornridge Cattle

Thornridge strives to produce Simmental and Sim-Angus cattle that not only produce high quality, delicious beef, but are also functional and profitable in the pasture. The majority of our cowherd is Simmental based, but we also maintain a few commercial females to improve hybrid vigor.

Our small cow herd is raised on the rich grasses found on the gentlty rolling pastures at Thornridge Farm, the same fertile ground where cattle have grazed for decades.

We are excited to introduce our newest herdsire, CMB TRUE GRIT A160, a son of GLS New Direction that we purchased from C-MOR Beef Farm in December 2013. We are excited to see his influence in our herd.

We feed out a few of the calves every year on locally grown grain and sell them as freezer beef. Customers can purchase whole, halves, or quarters of Thornridge beef. Contact Dave or Drew for more information on our freezer beef sales.



We like eye appealing cattle that are also sound and functional. We don't chase the latest fads and trends.



We want our cattle to produce delicious beef that is well marbled and meets the demands of our customers.



We feed a balanced ration of high quality feedstuffs to optimize growth and production of beef.



We work closely with our veterinarians to maintain healthy cattle, just like you strive to maintain a healthy family.