Outer Limits


We purchased OUTER LIMITS from Bronc Fleming in 2011 and he is one of the longest bucks we have ever seen and he maintains a great deal of natural shape for a mature buck. He is impressive to everyone that has seen him in person no matter the type of stock they raise. His daughters have become the cornerstone to our breeding program and have yet to disappoint us in the pasture. We have let a few of these daughters go over the last couple of years and all of the new owners are blown away when they get them home and put them into their programs.

Son: Many time champion throughout the Midwest in 2011 for the Hummel family
Son: High selling wether for Thornridge in 2012
Daughter: THOR S1205

The Story Behind Outer Limits

In 2011, we went to a cookout at the Hummel family's place and while touring the farm, Dale told us he had a buck from Bronc Fleming down the road and that he might be for sale. As soon as we got out of the truck and walked over to the pen, Drew and Mike looked at each other and said we had to buy him. We negotiated the deal and as they say, the rest is history.